Tea and Crumpets #BriFri #WeekendCooking — 10 Comments

  1. Hilarious! My husband is always trying some new concoction or other. I’ll be curious to see if you find a way to improve your crumpets while I confess to pure laziness. I love the store-bought ones, white flour and all, but find the ones they sell in our British shop better than I can find in our supermarket.

  2. I haven’t tried to make crumpets. Fun experiment even it didn’t quite work out. My most recent mistake wasn’t so bad — I added too much sugar to the last batch of strawberry-rhubarb sauce. Still tasty, but we like a tarter flavor.

  3. I’ve only tried crumpets once and didn’t care for them BUT they were these weird prepackaged things and probably didn’t fairly represent them. I definitely want to try them again but I think I’ll let someone else make them for me as these look like a challenge! I don’t know if it really counts as a failure but I had a French cookbook I was testing a few months ago and that was absolutely beautiful. The recipes were at best okay and the prep work was massive. It was so pretty though that I didn’t want to give up on it until my husband and son threatened mutiny!

  4. I loved this post. I agree that we should probably talk about our less successful cooking adventures. Like the time I was having a bunch of people for dessert after a small group church study and my chocolate sheet cake (which is so, so tasty, usually) was just liquid in the middle. Soupy. I could not figure out what I did, but had to act fast. Still don’t know what I did. LOL

    I have not had good luck with sourdough starter. Easy enough to bake with, but it kind of scares me. Bigger and bigger and bigger. I remember many years ago when a bunch of us shared starters and then we kind of got tired of it.

    Love the fact that you got to go to the actual Twinings shop. I would love that.

  5. I have put quite a few bombs from the kitchen on my site! You learn each time, right? One of my issues was actually burning up a mini food processor trying to smooth guava for a tart recipe. I smelled smoke!

  6. I have had a number of sourdough starters, and my current one requires me to add a bit of yeast powder:) to my bread sponges. The finest one (which I killed, unfortunately) was a 200 year old French lady, named Genevieve. As to the uses of extra starter, I have made the best ever waffles with mine, and the pancakes are good too. Have made crumpets as well, but my favorite is the waffles.

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