Mr. Turner #FilmReview #BriFri — 5 Comments

    • Thanks! I’ve been thinking about that book recently — mostly because I didn’t have this blog yet when I read it. A new edition will be more fun than a re-read.

  1. I enjoyed the movie although you’re right, he wasn’t the most likable man in the world. So crude! I really enjoyed seeing his process though and like most films about great artists it left me inspired, wishing I had that painterly talent. It was nominated for a few Oscars wasn’t it, including cinematography and costume design? I know you can rent it on Amazon; I’m going to suggest it to my son! Thanks for the reminder.

  2. I am not familiar with the artist or the movie. I will look him up. It is fun in the UK to go to the museums because for the most part they are free!

  3. I do love Turner’s work and how he is able to show a passing moment of light and water. There was a wonderful temporary exhibition, ‘Turner and the Sea’, at the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich in December 2013. I seem to remember that some paintings were loaned from an art gallery in New York (but don’t take this as gospel).

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