End of Month — #ReadersWorkouts — 3 Comments

  1. I did my regular Monday night’s workout at the karate studio, my instructor did one of those “everything you know is wrong, think about it like this” moves in my lesson to change the way I kick.

    Next month I’ll be starting a weights workout 3x a week, a work friend wants to get me in shape for my black belt test, whenever that may be. First we’re putting in the workout, then he’ll put me on a diet.

  2. I haven’t really though about my goals for May. The run I’ve been working toward is on May 9, and I haven’t really though past that yet.

  3. Congratulations on a successful month! I’m trying to walk every day, but the rain tends to interfere with my plans. And I know I should ride my exercise bike daily, but have trouble sticking to a schedule. Going to work on my consistency.

    Good luck next month!

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