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  1. I’ve been MIA since returning from Europe two weeks ago, but I am so glad I found this post this morning!

    I, too, am trying to develop a work pattern (and self-confidence) to help focus my writing life.

    I am VERY excited to read about your travel photography workshop next Saturday. I should learn more about the photography classes offered in the St. Louis area and perhaps take part in one or two 🙂

    Hope the allergies subside soon…

  2. We really need to go live in a group of writing cabins for—oh, I don’t know—maybe a month or a year. Then I think I could really get going.

    Adore the gratuitous goose!

  3. Joy, I love our anniversary celebration, mostly because it helps us reconnect and rediscover each other’s blogs. I think it’s interesting how many in our group combine writing and photography. You captured the goose vividly. It can be a challenge to get a camera to focus on feathers and fur. Thanks so much for sharing and linking to the blog hop. There will be more hops each Wednesday this month. Hope to see you there again.

  4. Travel photography sounds fun! Yes, your goose is adorable. Anyway, I enjoyed catching up with you, Joy. I, too, would like to develop a work pattern that works for me. It’s my busyness that gets me off schedule.

  5. Having written a post for the blog hop, yesterday, and just getting home from work, I thought I’d stop by and, um, take a gander at your post. ;-D

    Writing and photography have been an important combo in my own blogging since I began in 2002, especially the cycling and cat blogging.

    As for writing through the blah times…inspiration always seems to appear when I have least expected it and helped me survive difficult times.

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