Snow Workout #ReadersWorkouts — 5 Comments

  1. We’ve gotten snow, we had a delayed opening today. It has been decided since it’s Fat Tuesday and my gym buddy had a snow day that we would put off going to the gym this week. We’ll pick it back up next week…well our joint venture. For Lent I’m going to try to get to the gym everyday for at least a half hour walk.

    • I wish I had someone to go to the gym with. Even more, I wish I had someone to run with outside once the weather gets nice. Time goes so much quicker when you have someone to talk to.

  2. I dont have snow to shovel but have been regularly going downstairs each day and setting my Garmin work out watch for one hour. As I am home alone during the day, I turn on Pandora to the 80’s cardio station and use my treadmill, weights, and step to kick some cardio butt for an hour.

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