New Year Report #NewYearBooks — 7 Comments

  1. My New Years resolutions for 2015 are almost identical to those of 2014, where I look to grow the number of followers, page hits etc to the blog, whilst having a decent mix of old and new books reviewed.

  2. I’m ending 2014 similar to yours, but do work tomorrow, Tuesday, and Saturday. However, I’m grateful for the time I had off this past week — since Tuesday — and the time off I still have yet to come. I’ve been trying to make it a calm oasis, mostly with movies and very little reading: Creating True Peace by Thich Nhat Hanh.

  3. I’m renewing my annual resolution to not stab anyone this year, I’m reading “Crucial Conversations” to hopefully prevent me gettinginto situations where I want to stab people. I’m also adding resolutions to write every day in my 5 year diary, and get 1st degree brown belt in karate (I’m in reviews for that, so hopefully not too long).

    The test run at installing a morning yoga habit went well this morning, I’ll see how well it fits into a working day tomorrow.

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