Readers’ Workouts — October 28 — 9 Comments

  1. I love the new banner. My exercise is zero at the minute and has been for a will more. Since moving house I have heard tho run on my own and find out so boring. I have to do sorting but lack motivation!

    But soon moving house again, nearer to a running club. Plus my old running buddy, who has now had her baby and is also going to be moving closer towards me… So hopefully this will all work out!

  2. I have an interesting Monday night workout, I do the first half of karate group class, then a private lesson on sparring, then an hour of group sparring. It’s all pretty intense stuff but I sleep well after and that’s my main goal. With my FitBit (I have the flex) I’m less concerned about steps and more about sleep.

    My measure of how fit I am is how far into a Monday do I have to go before I feel like I can’t continue. I did two fights in a row last night and that was hard work.

    The interesting part will be how well my novel does on workout nights, because I’m not sacrificing the karate for word count. TV time is always the first to go, then internet time, then crafting time.

  3. Due to a rich combination of neck injury, “but like I kinda get busy in the summer and it’s too nice to exercise,” and laziness (okay, actually, the last two are the same thing), I really fell off the wagon for a good four months. Now injury free but feeling like an inactive lump, I’ve started up again. Three workouts last week, with three to four planned this week, and four ever after. I’ve enlisted the help of some friends who also want to be more active, to help kick each others’ butts into exercising and not making excuses. So far, so good….

    Hope everyone’s having a wonderful, active autumn!

  4. I don’t know why (Christmas Recipe Exchange) is showing up, that was for a completely different Mr. Linky post. My submission is for a 2 mile walk I did over the weekend.

    Glad to see you’re back into the grove of things Joy! I need to really get back into it myself. I’m without my Fitbit today and am frustrated since I’ve already lapped the building once helping a patron.

  5. Love the new banner. I haven’t been active lately except for lifting weights a few times a week. I need to get back to walking.

    It’s always nice to meet blogging buddies in person! 🙂

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