Slow Improvement #ReadersWorkouts — 5 Comments

  1. I wish I could go to one of the trails nearby and walk. It’s so hot and humid here that walking on my treadmill is my only option. I’m glad cooler weather isn’t that far off!

  2. I did my regular 2 hours last night, including a half hour sparring lesson then an hour sparring class where there were 5 students, so you fought one, rested one, the whole night. It takes a lot of stamina and all of us were sweaty and spent afterwards.

    I’m continuing to see little improvements in flexibility I’m attributing to my Friday yoga class, it’s a surprise that something so low impact and stationary can have that great an effect.

  3. I’ve actually just started a project to increase my pushup ability – currently sitting at 10, hoping to move to 11. Past that I do regular walking (and yes, sometimes I read when I walk) and cycling.

    Neat site!

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