The Diet Fix by Yoni Freedhoff #BookReview #WeekendCooking — 10 Comments

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  2. Wow – that’s great that you lost 70 pounds – what an accomplishment! For me, it works best to have a general way of eating in your daily life (not a “diet” per se, more like a philosophy), but that it’s completely fine to cheat now and then. As long as cheating does not become the norm. So, for me, I eat a certain way at home and try to eat at home most nights, but restaurants are time for cheating! Since I only eat out about 1 meal/week, this works ok for me.

  3. My mom is STILL a serial dieter and I’ve sworn to myself that I won’t do that to myself or to my kids. So what if I’m carrying 10 extra pounds than I should be (I’ll just blame those sweet babes a little longer…). I’d rather my kids see me eat dinner and feel comfortable in the way that I look than constantly obsessing. I also like the method of logging calories (diarizing really is a terrible word, huh?). I’m not currently using it but My Fitness Pal is the tool that has really helped me in the past. I think sometimes we don’t realize just how much food is going into our mouths! Writing it down and adding it up makes such a difference. Of course exercise is always a good helper. 😉

  4. Thanks for letting me know about your post.

    I am logging on LoseIt and am really liking it. I don’t feel like I am dieting, just making smarter choices…more fresh, unprocessed foods, more protein and fiber. Less treats and alcohol, not that I had much but wanted to cut down on the empty calories. Biggest change is the exercise. 6 days a week. I jogged 3 miles tonight! Body Back is really working.

  5. I maintained a pretty good weight (not perfect) for about 15 years after having my third child — through walking and by trying to set a good example of NOT serial dieting for my girls — then got hit with a combination of hypothyroidism and middle age. I’m finally back to where I was, but also finally realized I can’t indulge in “little treats” as often as I used to be able to do! I definitely don’t need any encouragement to treat myself!

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