Project 365 #ReadersWorkouts — 4 Comments

  1. My sparring instructor is trying to improve my sparring, so I’m last night was my second frustrating sparring class in a row trying to put his improvements into practice. The goal is that I see what my opponent is leaving open and alter my moves to suit that. I can do it if I have a moment to think, but in a 90 second match it is difficult. Still, I’m plodding forwards, I think.

  2. I have been slacking in my workout time. I had planned to go to the gym tonight to get back on the treadmill but the horrible weather we’ve been having (I’m in NJ) makes me not want to be outside anymore than I absolutely have too. I’ve been trying to move around the library more the last few days and be really careful about what I’m eating. Yesterday, I was doing good until I went in DD for a coffee and saw the croissant doughnut and felt compelled to try one. Let me say it was worth the guilty feelings I had later that night.

    I hope everyone else is doing good this week!

    • We’re having amazing weather today — feels like September. I hope it goes your way, next.

      On miserable weather days, I’ve walked up an down the stacks, for no particular reason, just to get some more steps into my day.

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