It’s Monday! What are you reading? #IMWAYR — 6 Comments

  1. Surprised to see you address the ethical side of a novel. It’s good to read a different point of view. Your words are thought provoking. Won’t be easily forgotten.

  2. Looks like I will be staying away from Samurai Game. It reminds me of the movie we watched Olympus has Fallen where our government is attacked and everyone in the White House is killed except the President and a few key officials who are tortured during the movie. I just didn’t enjoy watching that. Too much needless violence for books/movies I turn to for entertainment and relaxation.

    Hope you’ve linked up with Small Victories Sunday this week!

  3. A few years ago I read so many historical novels that I find myself choosing contemporary fiction mostly these days.

    I appreciate your comments on the first book noted above. So many times people avoid noting what doesn’t work. We all have our own moral compass too (for example politics) that can justify a point of view. Maybe not in this case, but in general.

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