Books To Be Read before UK trip — 15 Comments

  1. Awesome that you’re going to England! (I’ve never been and would love to go one of these days) How long will you be there for?

    Great list! Rutherfurd’s London was a great read and Dickens’ Our Mutual Friend is my favourite novel by the author <3

    My TTT

    • We’ll be there three weeks! That’s the longest international trip we’ve taken yet. But it seems to short when I think about all the things I want to cram into it.

  2. If you’re after a book that has little factoids about London in it, I’d happily recommend a book that I have in my collection called “I Never Knew That About London” by Christopher Wynn.

    He’s also written oner about the Lake District that I’d also recommend.

    • September. So, yeah, I still might not get all the way through the list. I’m looking forward to reading Rutherfurd on the plane. I started Paris on the way to Paris and it was so much fun!

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  4. So much reading, and a lot of nonfiction! I think I would just end up reading the Dickens and the Bill Bryson… Three weeks sounds like a wonderful trip!

  5. I started reading London by Rutherford, have you started it yet? We can discuss at some point. As you said it’s heavy. I dropped it on my foot and . . . well it didn’t hurt because I’m a kindle guy but still, it’s a big book. I’ll finish it before you go to London but then I’m not reading all the rest of those, wow.

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