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  1. This is the first time I hear of Fit bit. I only use an app on my mobile to see how many kilometres I walk (when I walk, because I usually run or swim and I don’t take anything with me for those activities), and that’s enough for me.

    In any case, I think tools like these can motivate you to do more, just because you are aware of it most of the time, so it’s good.

    PS: yesterday I run my first 2 intervales of 20 minutes each one. Exhausting. Rewarding too 😉

  2. I got a fitbit zip last week. I’ve used pedometers before, and being aware of how much (or how little) I’ve walked during the days does motivate me. I participate in a couple of fitness programs through work, and the fitbit’s ability to upload step counts via wifi simplifies things for me.

  3. I had a Fitbit Force, but sent it back when they were recalled. Haven’t made up my mind whether to get another Fitbit or other brand of tracker. I’ve been eyeing the Moov fitness tracker. It can track any kind of fitness you do.

  4. I got a fitbit at the beginning of the year, but I have been very sporadic in using it. That will change next week however…. Now that I am retired, I am determined to begin a exercise routine that I can maintain for a lifetime.

    • Yay! You can join us at Readers’ Workouts!

      One of my biggest motivators is that I want to be able to walk all day when I’m traveling.

  5. My mother uses a fitbit, I think. I will see her next week and ask her. I’m sorry I haven’t been participating in this as much lately. Between Holly’s being unwell and my going into the office three mornings a week, I’m struggling to fall into a routine. It won’t happen until maybe next month because next week I’ll be going away. I should be getting back on track in June albeit that means I won’t really be in a routine until July. :-/

  6. I don’t use anything like a fitbit. I tried an app on my phone once upon a time, but hated having to have my phone with me. I have not made it to the gym or run outside for like a week, but I did work in the garden a bit.

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