Shades of London series by Maureen Johnson #BriFri #BookReview — 13 Comments

  1. Oops! My link isn’t for The Blue Lotus- sorry I didn’t notice that it was automatically labelling it that. It’s for my visit to Charles Dickens Museum in London last year. Much more British.

  2. The books sound like fun – often an outsider account of a place can be more revealing than the longest resident’s. The spooky aspect appeals – if you get the chance when you visit, you must try to take one of the walks – the ghost tour, or Dickens, or famous murders! The guides are usually good fun and extremely knowledgeable.

    Mine this week is a summary of the Booker Prize shortlisted books last year – the most prestigious British literary award. Interestingly only one of the books is set in Britain, but this emphasises how linked Britain still is to the old Empire and colonies.

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