Top Ten Books if you like British TV #Top10Tuesday — 11 Comments

  1. I loved Code Name Verity and just read the follow up Rose Under Fire and really liked that one too

  2. I am definitely a Torchwood fan, but it would not have occurred to me to read John Barrowman’s biographies! I might have to check those out. 🙂 I loved Code Name Verity as well, and I’ve always meant to read the Mary Stewart books. Nice list!

  3. Nice recommendations! I’m a big fan of British t.v so I loved seeing your recommendation, most of which are new to me. I do have Code Name Verity on my reading list though – I’ve heard so many awesome things about it.

  4. I recommended Stewart’s series to my daughter-in-law and she loved them. I tried to watch Merlin but had no patience for it. I enjoyed the short-lived Camelot much more.

  5. I recently read Below Stairs–it’s a memoir about a domestic servant in British upperclass houses in the 1920s. It ended up inspiring some of Downton Abbey. It was very interesting and illuminating. (Here’s my review for more thoughts.) I would love to read Cryptonomicon. I visited Bletchley Park and found it fascinating!

  6. Great selection. I loved Torchwood on tv so would like to take a look at the book you mention. Have you by any chance read any of the books written by John Barrowman and his sister? If not I can recommend Hollow Earth and Bone Quill.

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