Strange Name, Great Taste — British Isles Friday — 24 Comments

  1. What a fun class that looks- and so good you got to eat some. I’ve eaten bubble and squeak quite a bit- my husband will cook extra mashed potatoes on purpose he loves bubble and squeak so much- it’s a childhood favourite for him. I’ve come to like it too. I’ve not had the other two yet. I did get to try a yorkshire pudding for the first time in London last year, but there was no toad in the hole.

  2. Since we moved to the UK I regularly make Bubble and Squeak. It’s become a household favorite and I didn’t even know what it was before! Up here in Scotland, cock-a-leeky soup is another fav. Love the name, but like much of British cuisine, it is not vegetarian.

  3. In Global Foods you can get Spotted Dick in a can (plus a variant on treacle pudding made with golden syrup) and packets of instant Bird’s Custard.

    Mum used to make toad in the hole on a regular basis. Whole Foods sometimes has a raw Pork Banger sausage that is the closest equivalent to a UK one without getting the frozen ones from Global Foods.

    And you can make bubble and squeak on the grill. It turns out deliciously smoky.

  4. Ah, a trip back to childhood with this menu! I love all these comfort foods though they don’t half show just how much fat there used to be in the British diet! Hmm…still is, perhaps…

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  6. Looks like fun! I was just visiting with my niece and her husband and daughter who live in the UK. Her husband is a native Brit and when he comes to the States he loves to have an American hamburger and fresh ice cream. He is a great guy. My grand niece of 2 1/2 speaks in full sentences with a British accent. It is too too cute!

  7. What a great class — I just love the names of those dishes. I had all three more than a few times when I lived in the UK (a long time ago). Now you’re making me want to make a roast with all the traditional accompaniments.

  8. I am not familiar with any of the three dishes. I really like the names of the dishes. The names are quaint and funny all at the same time.

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  10. I wasn’t familiar with any of those recipes – it’s fun to see the prep photos and know ‘why’ they’re called such funny things. Thanks for sharing!

  11. I saw this post on Friday and then got lost somewhere else so I’m glad that you linked up!

    I love toad in the hole. When I lived overseas (and honestly, even when we were stationed in Illinois) a can of Heinz Spotted Dick inevitably ended up as some part of the military office Christmas party white elephant gift exchange so that people could giggle like ten year olds about the name. I think that we had a can for about three years before I finally threw it out – now I wish we had tried it!

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