Show Me Your Drawers! for #WeekendCooking — 13 Comments

  1. Ha ha! Your “jumbled” drawer looks pretty organized to me. But this is something I really need to do too. It’s those duplicates, never-used tools, and parts that belong to long-dead appliances that I really need to clean out. Maybe you’ll inspiring me … or maybe not. 🙂

  2. Good work! I keep all baking stuff in one drawer. That helps because measuring cups are always getting stuck. I use a basket for my napkins that sits on the bottom of my plant stand because no plants can grow that low to the ground!
    There is a satisfaction of opening a drawer and seeing a well organized presence.

  3. In order to accomplish our downsizing empty nester move from our house to an apartment in 2010, I pretty ruthlessly went through our kitchen drawers. Why move 4 can openers? I do allow my most used cooking utensils to reside in an open ceramic pot next to the stove. Since the move, things have stayed relatively organized. As you learned, the key is to have enough drawer space for your stuff. Otherwise, it’s a battle you’re not destined to win.

  4. We organized drawers when we cleared out to make room for gluten-free utensils, bowls, rolling pin, etc. but they get messy so fast! We keep our most often used spatulas, serving spoons, ladles, etc. standing up in ceramic containers on the counter (unfortunately, three, because they don’t all fit into one or even two). Most get used often enough that they don’t get dusty, but occasionally we have to run the whole lot through the dishwasher.

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