Books & Movies? Read or Watch? — 5 Comments

  1. There are a lot of classics that I’ve seen the movie or TV version, but not read the book. One example for me is Sense and Sensibility- I really like the movie version with Emma Thompson and Alan Rickman, but when I tried to read Austen a few years ago I sort of fell away and didn’t finish it. So I do that some times as well.

  2. I find that a lot of the time after reading a book I find that the movie version has skimmed the surface as it were. However, there are times when having watched the movie first it has been useful in understanding the story behind the novel, particularly with some of the long winded classics.

  3. I’ve watched quite a few movies without reading the book, although a lot of the time I do at least plan on picking up the book at some point. Pride and Prejudice is one example – I’ve watched (and loved) the movie adaptation and the BBC adaptation but I’m yet to read the book. I do adore the Little Women adaptation you’ve mentioned, I used to watch it at least once a week when I was younger, and I love the book as well. I’m certainly due a re-read of Little Women, and perhaps I’ll re-watch the movie as well!

  4. Joy, there are some movies that are actually better than the movie. Sure, they’re few and far between but they do come along every now and again.

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