Spring Reading Thing and Once Upon a Time — 11 Comments

  1. Hey Joy, I like your list! I just bought Wired for Story, and I liked Oliver’s A Poetry Handbook. It’s almost dry enough to hang my hammock. That’s when I get really great reading done!

  2. I like the idea of balance…I usually try to impart some balance to my reading, though not with a great deal of organization. Mostly it becomes something like “just read a dystopia, need something fun now…” And I largely rely on Carl’s challenges to help me get at least some throughout-the-year balance to my genres! Anyway, I hope you have fun with your reading!

  3. As I mentioned over on Google Plus, thanks for the shout-out. That looks like quite a list. I’d join in, but I don’t know what I’m getting to this spring — for the most part. Right now I only have one book for sure on the horizon: Code Zero by Jonathan Maberry, which comes out Tuesday. Other than that, it’s pretty wide open, although I do want to tip the balance toward some nonfiction and some poetry. Just what exactly, beyond the ones I mentioned over on my blog today, I’m not sure.

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