Fun with Barley — 14 Comments

  1. This post expresses the essence of what cooking/baking is all about. Just perfect! I notice that you did not rave about the taste. :<) I remember a song from when my kids were little which was on a Raffi album – "Oats and beans and barley grow" – I've never been wild about barley but I do try to add it to stews sometimes.

    • The barley cakes taste okay, but you’ll notice we mostly added sweet things to them. I think I’ll probably make them when I want biscuits because the whole grains are so much better for me and do provide a more complex texture and flavor.

    • I don’t think gluten really adds anything to these. They are essentially unleavened bread. How about using the oat flour and trying one of the gluten-free grains for the barley? Or even, make them oatcakes and just use gluten-free oats to make oat flour?

  2. I have some barely flour and generally just add a little to bread. I never thought to make my own cakes — Love how you experimented with the cooking method.

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