Book Review: Walls of Wind, Part 1 by J. A. McLachlan — 9 Comments

  1. I’m so glad you enjoyed the story, Joy. I agree, it’s science fiction with a pastoral feel, much like fantasy. That gave me some trouble choosing covers for each of the books – I needed something that combined a science fiction look with a fantasy or pastoral feel. The covers I finally chose were listed as fantasy covers, actually, but the second planet in the sky, and the elongated “W” that the cover artist gave it, added a touch of sci-fi feel. At least, that’s my hope. (Just a bit of background trivia)

  2. Downloaded it. But now I need to read it…and the next one is coming out soon. Need to get a move on. Thanks for the review, Joy. It gives me the excuse to have a pajama day and treat myself to Jane Ann’s book.

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