The Louvre and shopping in Paris! — 8 Comments

  1. Did you like the Louvre? It can be overwhelming when it’s really crowded. But the building is so beautiful, I almost prefer the building to the artworks! What a great scarf. I bought a souvenir scarf in Paris too, I just love how they wear their scarves, so different to here.

    • The Louvre was overwhelming. And, of course, we got lost. But really we saw the coolest things when we were lost. I think we did fine for the time we had. It felt like the kind of place you either need to do once over lightly or dive into and go every day for weeks as a way to learn the history of Western Civilization.

      • Yes, there’s so much there. We did a very quick visit this trip, and it was rushed. I do love seeing the coronation of Napoleon every visit though. There is so much to see, too much. We only managed to find Venus on this visit! The building itself is worth a visit though, I spend much of my time looking at the ceilings!