Readers’ Workouts — August 6 — 5 Comments

  1. Having two dogs who love to walk (and are better behaved after a walk!) is a big motivator. And having space in the basement dedicated to working out helps to make it part of a my routine.

  2. I’m sure having a consistent walking partner will help with your motivation. Yay! Mine is much more of a stroller than a speedwalker, so I understand what you mean about boosting intensity on those days.

    I’ve been doing well with three workouts a week, with 25 mins varied cardio, 25 mins strength training, and 5-10 mins of stretching. This week’s schedule is Tuesday-Wednesday-Friday.

  3. Yeah for the walking partner!

    I’m focused on decompressing from the business stress from the launch and the excitement from travel. rebalancing and taking it all in. Sadly I have had to schedule time to read so I can create a habit again.

    Always a work in progress! 🙂

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