Book Review: Salt Sugar Fat by Michael Moss (Part 2) — 16 Comments

  1. I’ve loved your reviews of this book, which is making quite the splash in the food world. So far, I’ve been aware of almost all of the points you’ve shared. Regardless, this looks like a book I should take the time to read.

  2. Great reviews… I’ll look forward to part three. This is a type of book I like on audio. Thanks for the link to Jen’s review. Salt Sugar Fat is already on my audible wish list, but I’m moving it closer to the top.

  3. I listened to the audio version too. I quite enjoyed it and found the most interesting parts to be the lengths food companies go to manipulate people.

  4. I can see it now; I suggest to Rob we start eating less cheese and he files for divorce. LOL!

    All joking aside, I’m amazed by how many lifestyle changes Rob has made since becoming so much a part of my life. How he has managed to embrace being diagnosed with diabetes, seeing still more changes as a challenge and not as a further punishment amazes me. I hadn’t even noticed but he switched from whole milk to 2% and now he’s down to 1%. The cheese he buys, except on special occasions is usually reduced fat/part skim. And even the yogurts and “ice cream” are low fat or even fat free. And he prides himself on his ability to read labels, something I know he rarely or never did before. So proud of him. Can you tell?

  5. Those are interesting points about cheese. I read a book on French cheese this week, and all through it I just kept thinking that I don’t eat artisan cheese like they do in France – instead, I sprinkle something machine-grated onto my food. Such a shame! This book sounds like it’s a great read for those who want to be mindful eaters.

  6. I love reading nutrition books like this. I’m adding it to my list! Have you read The China Study? It’s another eye-opening read about the foods we eat and how they’re linked to disease.

  7. I’m not surprised about the cheese though I hadn’t stopped and really thought about it. But it does seem that everything has cheese in it. I do love cheese but have slowly recognized that I shouldn’t eat quite so much of it.

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  9. Hi Joy, I just got to reading all 3 parts of your review. It’s all so fascinating. Scary too. I think we do all need to steer clear of processed food as much as we can. It’s extraordinary the tricks and deceits that industry can legally use.

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