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  1. Bon Soir is as key as Bonjour. I had a few shopkeepers in France, especially outside the capital follow us into the street with a corrective hello and goodbye. Stores are like people’s living rooms. Have to acknowledge people there.

  2. We lived in France for two years and, for the most part, were treated politely. If the people see that you’re making an effort, they’re generally forgiving and polite. Shopping is much more formal in small shops but department store shopping is not all that different than the US.

  3. I think you’ve done a good job in learning enough French to feel comfortable. You may not have enough to have a deep philosophical discussion, but I don’t think that’s your goal. My hunch is that you’re going to France to have fun and to enjoy all the cultural benefits. Learning all the French you’ve learned so far should say a lot about your willingness to meet the French. Your friendliness will go a long way to make your trip successful.

  4. Everyone says Bonjour when you enter a store. It is rather singsongy and lovely to hear. On this last trip my apt overlooked the Seine and one evening I sat outside and enjoyed dinner. It was leftovers from a restaurant with some veggies I picked up. I was having stomach issues on the trip and had almost my entire meal-everyone who walked by wished my bon appetite. It was sweet.

    PS if you have a non-serious health issue in France-the pharmacists can both diagnose and prescribe you something-you only get charged for the meds which are what meds should be 4 euros. You do have to go to a pharmacy to get pepto bismal, aleve etc-that is not sold elsewhere like it is here. Mine was a little more serious than just that. The pharmacists are super nice-on one trip I had a huge blister and she went as far as to bandage up my stinky foot-that is service-I am not sure I wanted to touch my foot.

    are you going to do any tours-I did a meet the baker tour (it was a bakery tour) (he only spoke French however our guide was great and her translation was spot on-good English and she was translating accurately-that was only 22 euros and we went home with a goody bag)-that I loved and there are some good food tours in Montmatre. I did not do the food tour as they about 100 euros and as I said the stomach issue (I had a virus) limited me and I could not get around and did not think I would be up for sampling. Rue Martyrs not that far from Sacre Couer is a fun food street. Try Popelini for these delicious cream puffs-1.7 euros each. There are some good bakeries, pastry shops, cheese shops, charcuterie. If you want any suggestions feel free to email me. PS there is also a good jam shop on the street-the girl who works there is cute-she is a friend of the owner and learnt her English from BBC-loves Dontown Abby-I have a jar of the mango coconut jam in the fridge. You can sample galore. THere is also a chocolate shop that has this great small little chocolate cake-it is so dense and rich but delicious-yes I have one in my fridge. La Petite Chocolatier. In Sacre Couer at the Montmatre Museum I think the Le Chat Noir exhibit is still going on-I saw it in December and really enjoyed it. When are you going? What arrisdonment are you staying in? Do you want a tour guide-I am always up for France. just writing this makes me itch for more.

    PS on Ille St. Louis have some Berthillion ice cream-there shop is there but everyone sells it-think passion fruit, mango, fleur de caramel-If it is a nice eve ice cream and a stroll along the Seine is my way to finish a day. ok now I am just getting hungry.

    Do you like duck-do you want any restaurant suggestions.

  5. one more comment-there is a new shop that opened up just off of Rue Martyrs that sells items from Brittany-the owner is really nice-I did not purchase anything since I had spent a week in Brittany and yes had biscuits and caramels in my bag along with crepes-but he had a great supply-the jam shop also sells caramel sauce. I can dig out the name if you want. but do not go to Rue Martyrs on a Monday as many of the shops and restaurants are closed. In fact if there is a specific place you want to check out check out its hours most bakeries etc are closed one day a week. such as a Wed.

  6. Oh have fun! An old high school friend of mine just moved to Paris and I’ve been threatening to go and visit her to brush up on the French I haven’t used in many, many years now.

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