Readers’ Workouts — 6 Comments

  1. It’s been an interesting month, my sparring instructor has a herniated disc so he’s having me spar with the 11 year old girl to teach her, which is a lot of me standing and encouraging her to kick me. I’m finding myself repeating all the things he told me (drop your head, keep your eyes open, run through). I’ve never been handed a beginner before. She alternates between me and the other instructors.

  2. My workout was very good. I did 20 minutes of cardio and then did some exercises I watched my kids do during their Taekwondo sessions (I’m thinking of joining them and don’t want to be embarrassed). I have to say, it was tougher then it looked.

    • My motto… a little embarrassment usually creates great memories, and your kids will always remember when you joined them. I encourage you to get out there, do it!

      Great job in April!

  3. It’s May 1! wow… when I write this it feels like the year is half over. Your are going to France, I have a trip just around the corner (ps: I never wrote about Dublin, sniff).

    We can’t meet every goal we set, otherwise they wouldn’t be goals! Good luck in May, I know you will do great.

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