Readers’ Workouts — February 5 — 9 Comments

  1. Last night was my first karate group class since my calf strain, and I did OK. I was careful to get my technique right and I was tred afterwards, but I’m healing. In my regular lessons my instructor has been teaching me a staff kata, which is a lot of standing still and whirling the staff around, it’s so much fun!

  2. Variety is essential for me too — if I had to do the same workout all of the time I would get bored quickly and abandon it.
    Working out more than once each day? Way to go, Joy!

  3. I love finding new things to try, especially if they can be done at home! My biggest struggle this time of year is that if it’s cold enough, I don’t want to leave the house for any reason, so it’s great to find at home options.

    Good job this week!

  4. I’m doing the 12K challenge hosted by Sheila @ Team Kickin It. I’ve also have a whole body strength training dvd that I love. I also do different things during the week like qi gong, bosu ball, step aerobics etc.

  5. I’m so glad January is behind us! Like you, Joy, I am amping up my workouts in February. Part of it is my new determination to kick my own butt and finally lose these last few pounds that have been lingering since my big weight loss a few years ago. The other part of is that I actually HAVE more time to workout now that I’m not taking care of my FIL anymore.

    Can’t wait to hear how your FIIT workout went! 🙂

    • I probably took it too easy for my HIIT workout, but I can always ramp it up. I’m keeping a log, so I’ll know to bump it up a bit next time.

  6. What a fabulous concept – especially to start this in February, after many of us (ahem!) have already failed at our NY’s resolutions! I’m a walker, so my plan is to up my game. I’m going to incorporate high-speed intervals into my walks, and track time and distance, rather than just take rambles that don’t really push me. So thanks for the inspiration!

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