Readers’ Workouts — January 1 — 9 Comments

  1. I’m loving the fresh layer of snow we’ve received. I get to move my workouts outside, breaking out the xcountry skis. I love it. I get to enjoy the outdoors, get my heart pumping and do something a little different. If you can’t get rid of the snow, get out and enjoy it!

    • My exercise yesterday was shoveling snow! It made great use of my newly formed 30 Day Shred muscles!

      • So jealous of your xcountry skiing, Julie! I love exercising outdoors as much as possible, too, so I would love to do that if we got enough snow around here. Last winter I tried snow shoeing and loved that, too. We got in quite a workout going uphill and walking as fast as we could in fresh snow.

  2. I haven’t made any fitness related resolutions for the new year, but it’s mostly because I dislike New Year’s Resolutions and so I avoid them. I did decide to up my monthly minutes goal from 400 to 500, so I’ll see how that goes. I strive to get 10 minutes of activity every day too, but that’s something I’ve been working towards for a few months.

    Good luck with the Gaiam TV thing! I’ll have to look into that…I’m not sure if I want to add something on top of my gym membership, but it might be interesting to try.

  3. Happy New Year Joy! I didn’t do a workout post for today but I did go to the gym to start the year off right and I plan to post next week.
    Congratulations on completing the 30 Day Shred. I made it to level 2 way back when and that was plenty challenging.

  4. Happy New Year!! I’m starting Self.coms Jumpstart diet for 6 days and hitting the gym and yoga studio this week. Good luck with your goals!

  5. I love Gaiam workout dvd’s and other products, but have never used their streaming videos. I’ll have to click on the link to Erica’s post.

    I’m excited to make 2013 the year I stay committed to getting fit and healthy!

    Thanks so much for Readers’ Workouts!

  6. Happy New Year, everyone! My goals this week are modest: a workout tomorrow and Friday. My jazz dance classes start on Monday next week. I’m a little bit terrified–I used to dance up to 20 hours per week but it’s been a good decade since that time! So it’s going back to something I used to be very good and likely will be very rust at. But I love to dance and I think it’ll be a good motivator to get into better shape, both in class and at the gym in preparation for class.

  7. Congrats on completing the 30 Day Shred! That’s fantastic! Can’t wait to hear how you like Gaiam TV.

    I started my year running the 5K I tweeted about yesterday. It’s been my annual tradition for the last four years. I didn’t run my fastest, but am trying to convince myself to be happy that I at least ran under a 10 min/mi pace.

    I posted about yesterday’s Hangover Run 5K, a few stats from my workouts in 2012 and a few goals for 2013. Should be a good year!

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