Crystal Bridges — 15 Comments

  1. Thanks for sharing. We are stuck in Wyoming and don’t get to travel much anymore. It is great to see all the pictures of everyone else’s travels. We have lovely destinations in our area. Come visit Wyoming and Western So Dakota!. My Post is Here

  2. What an interesting building. Wonder who the architect is. You’re right about photos don’t do justice to the piece. Nothing beats seeing architecture first hand in real life. Thanks for sharing!

    • Oops, should have mentioned that. The architect is Moshe Safdie. He also built the new Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts in Kansas City. That’s another very interesting building, but completely different.

  3. I followed down and found the wedding pictures. Brought tears of joy to my eyes. I must try to copy the one of Andrew and Lauren. Thanks for posting them. And again, congratulations. Didn’t remember how many years = just the date.


  4. That is some phenomenal architecture in such a lovely setting.
    Your pictures make me wish I was there for a tour of the place as well, and like you — I may have spent most of my time outside, looking at the buildings. I am a huge fan of non-conventional architecture.

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