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  1. Joy, you did such an amazing job this month with the October Memoir Challenge! I really really loved your posts. I don’t know if I’ll participate next year. Maybe if my schedule allows it. I hope you consider doing a post like this once a month. 😉

  2. I agree with all you said, Joy. I did so enjoy reading your posts and Gerry’s too. But the reason I wasn’t as diligent about reading others is that they did not post to Wordsmith Studio’s FaceBook fanpage. The ease of clicking the link made me sure to visit your posts. 2 hours per post? Mine where 3-4 times the length of a normal post and took me 3-4 times longer than normal. And yes, I was not prepared for the emotions that were involved. I’m sure (my doctor is sure) that it contributed to some bad days for my concussion recovery. But all in all it was a positive. I posted a bit of a recap on the experience today as well.

  3. This was very interesting, Joy. You put a lot of thought into this and I appreciate it – you’ve got some great ideas for ways of doing this challenge that I’d like to point people to next year.
    Yes, I’ll definitely start earlier next year. The idea just came to me mid-September, and for the backstory angle, I had to run it before November – which only left about 10 days to pull it together as an October challenge. I’ve had quite a bit of response that October is the best month, but for the next time I’ll be able to start more than 10 days in advance!
    I’m thinking of doing it 3 days a week instead of daily, next year ( Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday) to give people more time to research and write their posts, more time for hoppers to read the posts before the next one goes up, and allow those who are taking more than one challenge on in a month, days to do the others. That would mean about 10 posts in the challenge instead of 25. What do you think?
    Yes, I looked into Linky lists – you have to pay for them, an annual fee. I’m not sure I’m willing to pay for that, just for one month a year, and I definitely wasn’t willing to pay for it the first year. Furthermore, I’ve never used Linky, and that right there would be a huge learning curve. I thought about a badge, too – but the same problems arose. (You’re right, it would help find the posts on people’s blogs, among other posts.) I might be able to surmount them in time for next year, or find someone to help me with them. And I guess I’ll also have to learn to post to Wordsmith Studio’s FaceBook fanpage, once I find it.
    Thanks for your comments and thoughts – and thanks especially for visiting every post all month, Joy. I know how time-consuming that was, and I will never forget that about you.

  4. I think 10 posts in a month might help all of us produce writing that we’re more proud of. The downside is that we would probably need to do more planning in advance (which ten things would I want to write about it?) and, as a result, might miss some of the serendipitous things that happened with a structure like 25 posts for 25 years.

    Whatever structure we end up with, I’m looking forward to next year!

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