Wondrous Words Wednesday — 6 Comments

  1. Oh Joy, you’re good. I used to copy new words and keep lists until I remembered them all. I’m not sure when I stopped doing that. These days if I come across a lovely word I remember it. Has to be a useable word though or it’s tough to remember. English is such a tricky language, and especially when one had three phonetic languages as firsts.

  2. Hi Joy,

    What some great Olde English words there, all of them new to me.

    Propinquity is the one that I hope to be able to remember, but only until such a time as I actually have the opportunity to use it … then it wil escape me completely!!

    A great post and thanks for sharing.


  3. You’re quite right about Shakespeare being such a rich source of new words, he’s said to have introduced thousands of new words to English. I find reading plays rather hard going, so I think you’re rather brave to take on King Lear. I knew propinquity (although think of it just as proximity) and moiety, but the others are new for me too.

  4. I’m still too afraid to read Shakespeare in the original — I did know “propinquity” but would have a hard time understanding the whole 🙁 Still working on it, though.
    Thanks for sharing, and thanks for visiting my blog during the read-a-thon last weekend!