It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? — 9 Comments

  1. Have you read these two?

    Norman Frank Cantor “In the wake of the plague”
    William Manchester “A World Lit Only By Fire”

    Both are European history and I read them a while back. I’m intending to re-read Mary Roach’s “Packing for Mars”, she is my favourite science non-fiction author and laugh out loud funny.

    • Those both look like helpful histories — Thanks, Ali!

      I haven’t read Mary Roach but I love her interviews on NPR. I should pick one up.

    • The next trip is northwest Arkansas — which is actually a lot more exciting and culturally significant than it sounds.

  2. I’m currently reading Jane Eyre while I finish up Self Editing Yourself Into Print. The two don’t work well together. Jane Eyre has a lot of telling, less showing. It also doesn’t move like modern reads do. But I will prevail! Eventually. Thanks again for your continued input on the Banned Books discussion at my blog.

    I have been listening to Michael Hyatt’s podcasts and just finished two that he did in conjunction with the release of his platform book in the spring. I think he has valuable information to share; I’m anxious to hear your thoughts on the book.

    • Yeah. Julia has a great discussion going on her blog. I’m playing the role of devil’s advocate:

      I have a pretty jaded view of Banned Book Week that I caught while writing a paper on it for library school.

      Last year, I tried to participate, but the book I ended up reading…I thought it should be banned. Well, not exactly, but I thought it was best read by a select group of people and best NOT read by another group. Banned Book Week isn’t a good time to make that point, so I never posted.

      So, apparently this year, I’m not going to read a banned book, I’m just going to be a gadfly and poke at other people’s posts.

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