Readers’ Workouts August 14 — 10 Comments

  1. Good for you Joy! I find goals totally impossible to follow. (My scatter brain keeps jumping from idea to idea) But the good thing is I’m keeping up the walking to the village or along the Thames path, or some sort of exercise every day, so that’s good. Oh, also I love yoga. Do you do yoga? That Wii sounds like fun. PS. We are in Olympic withdrawl here too! 🙂

    • Exercising every day sounds like meeting a goal to me!

      I like yoga and should be doing some hip opener poses right now to counteract some of what I’m doing in the yard.

      I’ll bet you are in Olympic withdrawal! It was a great party y’all hosted!

  2. I’m in withdrawal, too! I really enjoyed the rhythmic gymnastics, but I had a hard time with the synchronized swimming {all those nose clips and smiles 🙂 } I loved watching any track and field event and was so blown away by both marathons. And great job staying on your goals, keep it up!

  3. We must all be in Olympic withdrawal! Although I will be glad to feel like I can go to bed before midnight without missing any of “the good stuff” that NBC always chooses to show at the end of their primetime broadcast! Great job with your goals!

    • That’s true. I’m sure I’ll get more sleep and more things done now that the Olympics are over.

  4. Ooops…. didn’t mean to include The Howling Miller in my link title. That was for JG’s Translation challenge!

    Joy, we have the Paralympics to look forward to now, don’t fear.

    GB did so well, I’m so proud of us. We can hold our heads up high.

    • I fixed the link title for you — first time I’ve done that. Makes me feel all powerful on my own blog!

      GB did a great job hosting the Olympics! I’m glad there is still the Paralympics to look forward to.

  5. I’m plugging along this week, walking as often as I can, lifting 2x this week, and putting in loads of hours bending and pulling in the garden. I didn’t link although my post does mention the bending and lifting, it is not really about exercise. It’s actually a poem about my experiences in the garden this weekend. Come visit if you like.

  6. The news does seem a less exciting without the Olympics going on!I’ve been in a slump so I haven’t really been riding my bike as much as I could. Maybe that will change soon before school starts.

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