Wondrous Words Wednesday — 11 Comments

  1. Hi Joy!

    It seems amazing that I don’t know such a short word – only 4 letters! But, I did not know this one. 🙂 If I were reading that, I might mistake it for seared, I think.

    The second definition is interesting…like when a meadow becomes a forest…

    • That was the reaction I had when I read the word. How can I not know this 4-letter word? I read it several times before I convinced myself that I didn’t know it. LOL!

  2. Hi Joy,

    What an intresting word. I have never used it before, as I didn’t know that it was a word, let alone what it meant.

    I always assumed that the only spelling of the word was ‘seer’, which obviously means something completely different (A clairvoyant, prophet, oracle, or diviner).

    I learnt something new today, but not sure when I am ever likely to drop it casually into a conversation.


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