Wondrous Words Wednesday — 6 Comments

  1. I liked rectitude and the sentence it came from. For some reason I thought the word might be connected with something sad. It is a beautifully crafted sentence.

  2. I certainly admire your fortitude pushing through The Dubliners as you have Joy. Thanks for including the picture of astrakhan- I recognised it, but never had thought that it might have it’s own name- of course everything does….

  3. Astrakhan! That’s a great word. I love it! I remember those fur versions (no faux) in the stores. They were quite common in the 60s. You’d see pillbox hats and muffs made of them. As a child, I didn’t understand that fur required killing an animal and I remember running my hand along the bumpy texture, fascinated by how the pile rippled beneath my touch.

  4. I like all the words; the use of rectitude and that sentence really makes me want to read the book. It’s got a blue feeling about it.
    As far as barmbracks and speckled loaves go, I wonder if it’s a bit like ‘plum pudding’. My parents are both British, I was born in England and when I was growing up we had plum pudding at Christmas. My mother used to wrap coins in aluminum foil and stick them in the pudding…I’ve heard some people use tiny toys.
    Its a tradition we brought with us when we moved to Canada and then the states. It was always very exciting to pull out a quarter vs a penney!

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