Book Review: The Philosopher’s Diet by Richard Watson — 12 Comments

  1. I haven’t read the book, but I think people should use whatever works to motivate them and if reading a self-help book works, they should. I like reading some, you get different views and ideas. Same with a cookbook. People make fun of all the cookbooks I have, and I like them for the inspiration, the ideas, I may not use them for all the recipes, but the info is in my head. Your Professor seems to have been way ahead of his time and I like that it is a slim book, and straight to the point!

  2. I love the quotes you gave us and now I really want the inspiration he gives. I checked my local library for a copy. Would you believe I had to put my name on the waiting list at number 4? That’s another good testament to the book.

  3. Joy – This sounds great, I will definitely be on the lookout when I prowl around the library. It reminds me of the “Food Guerillas” book that I wrote up a few weeks ago. I agree that your author was ahead of his time. I always think that that is remarkable…

  4. Getting sane advice in the 70s and 80s was even harder than it is today. I agree that one needs to find out what works for them and then do it. I’m with Carol:P I love my cookbook collection for the same reason, for its inspiration.

  5. I remember owning and looking through the book, but never sitting down with it. Lots of sensible ideas, though a four-mile run isn’t possible for many.

  6. Hadn’t heard of this book before. Fascinating stuff! Reminds me a little of Edna Lewis, who was advocating farm to table eating a long time before it became fashionable.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and those great excerpts. Will look for this one :).

  7. I thought that I had read or heard about nearly all the dieting/health food books out there over the years, but this one escaped me entirely. I am off to see if my library has a copy.
    Though 900 calories a day and 4 mile runs…not so much 🙂

  8. Great post! I just looked for this book in my local libraries and none of them have it. I might have to expand my search a little. It sounds like a worthy read. The philosophy is a sound one and like Marg said, stands the test of time. Although I don’t believe a 900 calorie-a-day budget for anyone is sound, especially if it includes 4 mile daily runs. I burn just under 400 calories running 4 miles. That would leave me with a mere 500 calories to fuel the other 23 hours and 20 minutes of my day? I don’t think so..

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