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  1. Wow, sometimes there’s nothing like working for your reading, is there? I remember back when I paid attention to Oprah’s book club she had Toni Morrison on and they were discussing how Oprah had to go back a reread sections and really work at the story and Toni responded “My dear, that’s why they call it reading.” I loved that, it sounds like you’ve been doing some “reading”.

  2. Another great Wednesday post. I also love Martha’s comment on your “reading.” I knew simony as I have a nephew named Simon. His mother and I had conversations about the name before he was born and we talked about the biblical name and the meaning. She and my brother-in-law felt there were so many other good Simons that it would wash out the bad connotations. They were right, of course. He’s now a wonderful young man.

  3. Hi Joy,

    This post made me tired, just thinking about it.

    You did some great research there and I had to go and check out the Wicki page for myself and to read the entire piece. I have been there for ages, just trying to make head and tail of it all, but I learnt plenty of stuff that I certainly didn’t know before and it was time well spent.

    I had even forgotten which book you were quoting from, by the time I had finished, but unfortunately I have never read any of Joyce’s work, so I can’t really comment on that.

    Over here in the UK, Simon is not such a popular name as it was a few years back, and it would definitely be used more in the Southern half of the country, apparently it is not a ‘manly’ enough name for the traditional Northern population!

    Thanks for the great distraction.

  4. Two interesting posts drawn from just one sentence of Joyce! I visited Dublin two years ago, and I really tried reading The Dubliners, I figured it was my best chance at entry level Joyce. I got through the first story, which isn’t all that much of an achievement I think. I admire your dedication to “reading” Joyce. I don’t mind working a bit hard, but I don’t want it so hidden as to be impossible either.

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