It’s Monday! What Are You Reading — 8 Comments

  1. Forgive me. I’m being lazy and copying my response to this meme from another comment I left in a blog elsewhere. I am adding the Melissa Harris-Perry book to my to-read list because it sounds very interesting. Anyway, here’s my list from that other comment:

    I’m reading . . . too many books. LOL!
    New Spring by Robert Jordan
    Why Buffy Matter by Rhonda Wilcox
    The Art of Gravity by Jay Rogoff
    Original Yoga by Richard Rosen
    The Drawing Mind by Deborah Putnoi
    My Business is to Create by Eric G Wilson

    And that doesn’t even include my “morning” books which includes the Rig Veda and more. Oh, and that doesn’t include the pile of graphic novels I have sitting near my comfortable chair which I am also reading bit by bit. I could list more, at least ten more books. But I think this list should suffice.

  2. I love the cover of Sister Citizen!

    Right now, I just finished 87 Ways to Throw a Killer Party by Melissa Daly, and I haven’t quite figured out what I want to read next. Thinking about The Reliable Wife. I started it awhile back but haven’t gotten around to finishing it.

  3. I finished “The Fault in our Stars” and am getting back to “The Dead Gentleman” – a book I started ages ago and well… lost in the collection of books in my house. But it is found again, and I reread Part 1 so that I didn’t miss anything.

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