Sunday Transcendentalist Quote — 3 Comments

  1. Last night I had a curious experience while sitting in one room. The blinds to the windows that face southwest were closed because the setting sun streams blindingly through them by the time we approach twilight. I got up to do something and returned to my space on the couch when I noticed the brilliant slant of orange light flashing to the east, my left. Confused, I paused to let the dance of light play briefly on my face before turning to ascertain how there was evening sunlight in the east. Although I solved the mystery, its effects remained and I allowed myself the joy of this impossible moment. And had you not shared this quote I’d not have typed out this moment which I think I shall now share in my own blog . . . so thank you.

  2. A beautiful quotation about our unique (and fleeting) sunsets!

    Do you have Jeffrey Cramer’s THE QUOTABLE THOREAU? Cramer is the curator of collections at the Thoreau Institute and has edited a number of books about/by Thoreau (annotated editions of THE MAINE WOODS and WALDEN). Anyway, this little book is arranged by subject and is a super resource to finding what Thoreau had to say about various topics.

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