Wondrous Words Wednesday — 6 Comments

  1. We can use “Do it yourself” in “French”, but I never saw DIY (how to pronounce that ?). Chattering class was new to me too. Thanks !

  2. Hello Joy,

    Thanks for stopping by my site and leaving comment, it is really appreciated and it is always great to ‘meet’ new people.

    We are very busy insulting each other this week, aren’t we?

    My word ‘lumpen’ means something very derogatory and not very pleasant and you think that I am a ‘chattering class’ ‘DIYing’ English person.


    Maybe next time we will both be reading something with much nicer words in it !!!

    Take Care

  3. Both these terms are very common in Australia. DIY particularly so. Chattering classes less so, but quite well known. I hadn’t realised they were English particularly.

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