Musings Inspired by The Unexpected Circumnavigation by Christi Grab — 14 Comments

  1. Joy, I love planning trips too! I usually only plan trips I will actually be taking but I like your idea of planning it as sort of armchair traveling.

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  3. Fascinating! It has never once occurred to me to plan a trip I did not take! I’m so interested in how other people cope with what life dishes out and this is a totally new coping mechanism.

    Welcome to Left to Write!

  4. That’s a great idea! But my pessimist side wonders, does it ever get depressing when you have to stop yourself from clicking “book it”?

    • Good question! And the answer is ‘yes.’ I sometimes go through phases where I say “I’m sick of planning trips that we never take.” That’s usually at moments when I perceive that my husband’s reluctance is why we’re not taking trips. We’re starting to get a bit better recently about traveling instead of just talking about it and I’m pleased that this has reawakened my pleasure in planning trips without the absolute assurance that we will take them.

  5. I like to plan trips, too! There are a couple of short ones that I plan on tackling this summer, actually, but there are a few that are solely in my dreams…for now!

  6. Dreaming is a nice distraction. Can’t say I’ve ever dreamed about rafting down the Mississippi. I might now…

  7. Odd as this may sound, I do the same thing but with shopping. I can dream that I have $100 or $1,000,000 and I love to spend time looking for things I would buy, or how I would remodel something. It’s fun and necessary to get away from real life at times and just dream. Great way to tie in the book!

  8. My mom was an amazing trip planner – she’d create this little calendar grid and fill in each of her days. Now when I plan my trips I try to emulate her style.

    I suppose I should plan some fantasy trips to take with my husband. Only question: who will watch the kids?

  9. For Alicia, I have a friend who is constantly putting clothes in her cart…only to never press CHECK OUT. But she does like to dream!

    Ive never done any armchair trip planning, because, being chronically ill, I would find it depressing.

    Mu husband actually has enjoyed the planning of trips. He should have been a travel agent! He planned our whole nearly two week long honey moon. I took care of the wedding stuff!

  10. Welcome to the club! You reminded me of a “novel” I was working on as a teenager–it was about a group of girls at a boarding school. Each of the girls was from a different country. I spent so much time reading about and researching their countries, that the novel never materialized. But I loved the fantasy of it. I imagine that is not so different from what you do, still I can’t help but wish for you that, one day, you’ll get to take some more of those trips. Best, Melissa

  11. That’s like the best hobby ever. Next, you will have to write memoirs about the trips you didn’t take and collect them into a book, complete with photos of people you don’t know in cities you’ve never been in. I would love to read that book, how freeing 🙂

    • That would be SO much fun! I’ll definitely be visiting the Princess Museum in Spain for that book.