Book Review: The Stocked Kitchen by Sarah Kallio and Stacey Krastins — 9 Comments

  1. Making a Master List was one of those things I always meant to do. Then one day I simply started it. Within a week I had exactly what I wanted. I’ve used it for many years now and it’s a wonderful tool. It changed to way I shop and the way I cook.

  2. I always start out with good intentions, making a list, and bringing it to the store, but I invariably come home with many more things that are not on the list. Not sure this book would work for me (vegetarian).

  3. After cooking for a family for 30+ years I think I wouldn’t have much need for this type of cookbook as my larder is fully stocked with all the essentials and I’m pretty good at picking up anything I need for a recipe in my weekly shopping trip. It does sound li
    ke a wonderful book for a young person just starting out or newlyweds.
    I’m a first time joiner of Beth’s event … nice to meet you!

  4. I’ve never much tried a “master list” grocery shop, but learned years ago that when I try to have things on hand, I forget that I have them and then they go to waste! However, I’ve always been lucky in that I’m a quick walk or bike ride from the store, and popping over for the milk or bread or potato or whatever I don’t have has been easy for me. But I can see this book would be so very useful for someone like my sister…I’ll send her a link!

  5. THis sounds like a great idea — especially for the summer when I am always forgetting to get the OJ or other grocery store items because, like you, most of our food is coming from our CSA and farmers market.

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