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  1. Joy, congrats on your new blog. I heard about it from your facebook status update. And you’re covering one of my favorite subjects—BOOKS! Wishing you all the best with this new endeavor. ~Kathy

  2. This is so great, Joy, congrats! Not sure if I saw it on Facebook or got an email first, but I saw it both places =]
    Looking forward to reading about your readings!

  3. The new site looks great and I’ve already added it to my RSS feed. Sorry I didn’t not get back to you sooner. I got busy at work, snow days and then the email got buried in my inbox.

  4. Thanks for the invitation to the Grand Opening. Clearly a work of passion! Eager to see new posts and reviews!

  5. Hello, my fave NaNoWriMo (one-time, years-past) newbie pal! I got your email this morning. Impressive blog. (Posting daily? Wow!) I like the format you’ve adopted for your reviews, and am now adding you to my feed.

    Congratulations on a fab start!


  6. Congrats, Joy. I saw your email message. I host a series of online public programs called OPAL ( Many OPAL programs are about reading and literature: Book discussions, author interviews, genre discussions, etc. We record and archive most of the programs, too.

  7. Congratulations, Joy, the site looks great! I’ve only known about your blog since Bloggiesta, when you left a comment on my blog. And now we’re reading buddies!

  8. I found out about this through Facebook. I wish you well with your blog and look forward to reading it! I’d love some of your recipes – always looking for something new to make.

  9. Great news! I love your writing; I’m looking forward to reading your writing about your reading. ; )

    Got the news via email from you.

  10. Joy, I loved what you had to say about criticism, education and elitism. Good luck with the blog!

  11. I love your blog, Joy, and especially appreciate the great reviews of the cool cookbooks you’ve blogged about! I am anxious to check out Love in the Time of Cholesterol and Women’s Heart Cookbook.

  12. Congrats on your blog. I found out about it through Facebook. I love some of your recipes.

  13. I heard about your awesome blog through my boyfriend’s sister! HAHA! It looks great and I can’t wait to read more! Pick me for the door prize! Pleeeeeease!!!! 🙂

  14. Got the invite on FB and email. Congrats on your new endeavor, I’ll add you to my RSS reader. Happy blogging!

  15. Best wishes on the new blog, Joy! I’m happy to know what you’re up to. I heard about this via a message from FB. 🙂

  16. Very awesome. Looking forward to reading on a regular basis. Saw this via invite on facebook.

  17. What a nice site! I’ll be watching the British Books Challenge …

    Thanks for the Beck announcement. The web is a big place and I don’t suppose I’d have found this site otherwise.

  18. Saw the invitation to the Grand Opening on FB under events. Love the idea of you blogging about books and I look forward to reading the entries. Will each entry be announced on FB so we are prompted to visit? 😉

  19. I was invited through FB events, although we met in library school! Glad to see you here and looking forward to reading your blog! 🙂

  20. Looks great Joy! I first heard about it over lunch, I think, when you asked me to look over a list of possible names for the blog. But don’t award me the door prize, it would be unseemly for your brother to win.

    You have put a huge amount of effort into this. I wish you readership and a well deserved sense of accomplishment.


  21. It’s a joy alright to read about books – Bon Voyage on your journey.

    I heard about Joy’s Book Blog from your post on 3 Fat Chicks. Glad I found it. (We also have brownstones in Boston.)

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  23. Hi Joy! I found your blog from the e-mail you sent out. Can’t wait to catch up on all the posts! Love hearing about new books.

  24. Congratulations on your Grand Opening and Welcome to the Book Blogging World. I believe I first met you through Weekend Cooking but it may have been the Foodie’s Reading Challenge. Anyway, your blog is beautiful and it’s nice to make a new blogging friend.

  25. Wonderful opening! I love the blog, of course, a bit of a sucker for books myself. I’ll check in frequently!

  26. Congratulations on a very neat blog! You know, of course, that cooking is one of my “things”, so reading about cookbooks was great. Your Mom would love it. Miss seeing you.Come to Louisiana some time. Got your card, thanks.

  27. I will be sharing your book blog with my book club. From today’s brief scan, I got some great ideas for future titles I’d like to curl up with. I envy the time you seem to have to read! Thanks for the email about your new blog!

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  29. I thought I’d register before I start enjoying. I love cookbooks! and am excited to read your reviews.

    Best Wishes!
    Your Beck friend,

  30. Yay, congrats on the JOYFUL GRAND OPENING of Joy’s Book Blog!

    I know your blog thanks to Bloggiesta, Foodie’s Reading Challenge and — I believe — Weekend Cooking. It’s all looking good! 🙂

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  32. Hi Joy,

    Thanks for visiting my blog – repaying your visit I have discovered a lovely new blog and I look forward to dropping by again.

  33. Hi Joy! So excited to read your book blog – and I love that you’re starting off with Sharon Shinn! I got the email… I guess I need to find you on Facebook!

  34. This is quite a neat thing you have here… I’ve never been a reader but I’m actually looking forward to your suggestions and opinions. Congrats and best wishes!

  35. Hi Joy,
    Congrats on the grand opening. I found you from BookJourney. I started my website focusing on children’s books for parents and kids about 8 months ago. It has been an amazing ride and I am still finding so many different ways to promote books and reading. I know you will have fun!

    Please think of my site for anyone you know who enjoys children’s literature.
    Lauri Chandler

  36. I came over from the Monday meme.

    First of all – Congratulations on your Grand Opening and Welcome to the Book Blogging World. 🙂

    Second, love your review of the Healthy Family cookbook. I also look for something a bit more exciting with a cookbook so that one looks like a no go to me.

    Also, I’m trying to find your follow or feedburner subscription. Did I miss it? I’ll take another look around.

  37. Thank you for visiting my blog.
    Congrats on the Grand Opening of your blog.

    I do love the layout of your blog.
    Purple is a fab colour to grab my attention (it doesn’t take much).

    Looking forward to seeing more.


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