B is for Birmingham — Top Ten Reasons to Visit #AtoZChallenge — 6 Comments

  1. I visited the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery on a rainy day in Birmingham, and it was a revelation. Both were most interesting, and amongst the many museum displays was the Staffordshire Hoard, a buried collection of gold Saxon jewellery discovered by metal detectors just outside Birmingham. I hadn’t realised that Victorian Birmingham was a hub of pre-Raphaelite painters, and the gallery has a wonderful display of their works, amongst many other famous Victorian paintings. Well worth a call next time you visit!

  2. Your photos are lovely, thanks for sharing them. it’s wonderful to see things like the Shakespeare Memorial Room that I didn’t know existed there. Your photo of the bell tower is a really good angle. I love how it appears quite figurative in its’ architectural design. The canal looks fantastic too. Glad you had a really wonderful time there and it’s an excellent post. I’ve never seen anything promoting Birmingham so well, thank you – it’s only about 50 miles or so away from me and there are regular trains – provided not seeing a concert or nightlife, but that’s not likely. I think there’s a good contemporary art gallery there too.So yes I’d be more likely to visit that city after seeing your post. I’ve changed trains there and been to the NEC Arena (a way outside the city). Thanks again.

  3. I love Birmingham, known affectionately as “Brum”. Several of my favourite singers and musicians (e.g. Roy Wood and Noddy Holder from the Move and Slade) came from Brum. I’ve been there to the IEC several times for events like shows and conventions.

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