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Last week, I reviewed the film, The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex. Tina reviewed the Julian Barnes book, The Sense of an Ending. Sim visited locations from Bridget Jones’ Diary while she was in London. Jean reviewed The Go-Between with a first line that’s possibly more famous than the novel. Becky reviewed 1984, set in a dystopian Great Britain.

My week got the better of me. Readers’ Workouts participants probably noticed that I missed my usual Tuesday post. Sorry! I’ll get back to that next week.

It’s late Thursday and I have no grand plan for my British Isles Friday post, either.

So, I’ll leave you with something that caught my eye in the BBC News this week: Big Ben’s bongs to fall silent until 2021 for repairs. I’m so glad that we got to hear the Great Bell at the Palace of Westminster in 2015, because we won’t if we go again next year.

Elizabeth Tower, that houses Big Ben, Palace of Westminster

The tower where Big Ben is housed.


Silence of Big Ben #BriFri — 4 Comments

  1. Well, everything on A Bit About Britain is – about Britain. So, for no particular reason, I’ve included a link to a bit about John Lennon and Paul McCartney’s childhood homes for you. Yes, we’ll miss Big Ben – but it has to be done and I gather the chimes will sound for big events, like New Year etc. Question for American readers – we went to see the latest film about Dunkirk this week which is about (if you don’t know) one of those little set-backs we excel at over here. It is incredibly well made. I’m interested to know a) if it’s released in the USA and b) how does it go down? Drop me a note via the ABAB website or email if you have it. All the best – TTFN!

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