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Welcome to Readers’ Workouts, the weekly event where book lovers share workout stories, goals, successes, and challenges.

I got in my first long yard work workout yesterday — picking up sticks in advance of the first mowing of the lawn. Lots of squats, lunges, and steps!

We’re a third of the way through the month, so I should be at 400 minutes to meet my goal of 1200 minutes — I’m at 505 minutes! So, my month is going well so far.

How are you doing with exercise? Share a link to a workout blog post in the list below or share a story in the comments.


Yard work! #ReadersWorkouts — 4 Comments

  1. Running through an airport count? I gave myself a bit of shin splint but made my flight! My husband overdid in the yard and he is paying for it with back pain. Collectively say, “moderation”!!

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