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Last week, I reviewed The Likeness by Tana French. Sim took us out to Mile End, an East London suburb, on her fantasy walk follow the Tube map. In Mile End we visit a Sephardic cemetery, a green bridge that’s painted yellow, and a burger place for the adventurous eater. Becky reviewed a re-imagined Pride and Prejudice set in World War 1: Darcy’s Hope.

British stuff?

Prime Minister Teresa May made a big speech about Brexit on Tuesday but there still seems to be no crystal ball about exactly how it will all play out. The New York Times covered the speech with enough detail to help out American readers.

The New York Jets’ owner, Woody Johnson, has been announced as the new ambassador from the US to the UK. Since he’s an (American) football team owner, I naturally read about this on a sports news site. Apparently, this may be good news for an effort to bring American football to London. I had no idea that the British were interested.

I’m in a reading slump and haven’t had much time for movies, lately, so I don’t have much today. I’m looking forward to your contributions to feed my passion this week!



PM May Brexit Speech #BriFri — 6 Comments

  1. Last week I had trouble getting anything together for a linkup so I had to skip out. But I brought you a mystery from the DCI Banks series today! Also, recently read the book Stir by Jessica Fecthor and it was very good. Not British but good read.

  2. Of course, our new ambassador is the owner of a football team. Seems like the main requirement to be part of this government is to have oodles of cash. Honestly, Joy, it was such an effort to post this today. I am really feeling depressed about the next four years.

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