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Last week, I shared the Great British Television Map and the results of the BAFTAs. Tina shared the results of her genealogy work, the story of her great-great-great grandparents who were weavers in Cumbria. Jackie gave us a fun photo of a window shoe display in Birmingham. Sim’s fantasy walk in London took us through a pretty park, along the Strand on the Green, and to a couple of Beatles’ sites. Jean joined British Isles Friday for the first time with a review of Kaleidoscope by Eleanor Farjeon, a book that takes us to the English countryside. Becky reviewed the second book in Anne Perry’s historical mystery series featuring detective William Monk.

When I was researching hotels in London a few months ago, one that I rejected as impractical and probably too expensive stuck in my mind. I’ve recently started having fantasies about staying there. A hotel on a yacht is hard to forget!

The Sunborn Yacht Hotel is docked further east than most of the popular London tourist destinations, on one of the canals in the Docklands. We didn’t get to explore the Docklands area of London when we were there in 2014. I’m intrigued by the idea of using that as a base for our next London trip. We used the Docklands Light Railway on our return trip from Greenwich Observatory and it joined up seamlessly to the London Underground, even easier than it looked like it would on the map.

You don’t have to leave the Docklands to find tourist destinations. The Sunborn Yacht Hotel would be convenient for a visit to the Royal Artillery Museum, which is running an exhibit about World War I until 2018. I had the Museum of London – Docklands on my list for the last trip but we never made it over there. I want to see the exhibits on World War II and on slavery. Then, there’s the Emirates Air Line’s cable car which promises stunning views as it makes its way over the River Thames.

I would want to be very careful about scheduling a time to stay at the Sunborn Yacht Hotel. The rate can go as low as $170 a night for a weeknight in the winter. But it can go up to closer to $600 a night sometimes, presumably when something interesting is going on at the nearby ExCel convention center or the O2 arena. The rates are higher, of course, for river view rooms and for suites. I didn’t bother to convert the price from pounds to dollars for my fantasy room, the Yacht Executive Suite. That would be a relaxing retreat in London with an in-room Jacuzzi and sauna and one unique feature – a private sundeck on the prow of the ship.

I could definitely see myself rearranging those deck chairs to make a comfortable reading nook — the ideal spot for reading Thames: The Biography by Peter Ackroyd.


A London Yacht Hotel #BriFri — 8 Comments

  1. That floating hotel sounds and looks amazing! The $700 per night is a little rich for my blood but I can see it would be totally worth it! I wonder if they’re doing a lot extra stuff on World War I – in France they’re having quite a few memorial events as it’s the centennial of a lot of the famous battles. An interesting time to be there, I imagine.

  2. A million years ago I stayed in a youth hostel in Stockholm that was a big boat, I don’t think a yacht! There is a floating hotel in Seattle that has amazing views, but besides the novelty as a tourist I am too pragmatic to fork over the big bucks when I want to sight see and not be in my digs much. That said I do insist on my own bathroom. Too old for a down the hall jaunt.

  3. Staying on a yacht would be a once in a lifetime experience for me….but not at $600 or more a night. Yikes. It would be fun though. When we have visited England and Ireland we book a cottage rental for a week at a time and spoke out from a central location. It’s not bad for a weekly rate and I can cook some meals at home. Still, a yacht stay would we incredible

  4. I too am reading The Road to Little Dribbling this week–I’m probably about 2/3 of the way through. It’s mostly fun, though I’m not wild about the occasional rant/whine and I think there’s a surprising amount of swearing for a humorous travel book for a general audience.

    Anyway, I’m learning useful things–such as that Stonehenge’s visitors’ centre has just been redone and the road changed, and that you can walk right into West Kennet Long Barrow. Things like that.

  5. I still haven’t read Notes from a Small Island or any Bill Bryson books other than the Appalachian Trail one. You’re such a great trip planner!–Wouldn’t it be great to stay a night in that yacht hotel? (One night would be fine for me; I’m not that thrilled about being on the water while I’m asleep!) I love the sound of the book The Road to Little Dribbling, and will be looking it up!

  6. The Yacht Hotel seems like it might be fun. My husband & I might be going to England in late Sept. so I will have to give some thought on where we stay. thx

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