Bloggiesta buttonLife intervened and I’m not getting nearly as many hours into Bloggiesta as I hoped. It’s a good thing I put virtual socializing and my real life book club on my tasks list, or I wouldn’t feel like I was participating at all.

I did several things for my book club, including this blog post: Diversity Book Club book lists. I’m waiting on other people to respond and, in one case, I know that won’t happen until Tuesday. So, I’m going to call that done for this weekend.

I’ve left nearly thirty comments on other blogs and responded to some of the comments on the Evernote challenge. There are great ideas there from people, so be sure to check back if you read it early before there were comments: Evernote — A Bloggiesta Fall 2012 Mini-Challenge.

So, today. I still have more life things intervening than I would like, but I hope to get a few hours devoted to Bloggiesta. Here are my priorities in order, copied from my starting line post:

  1. Work through Security chapter of Head First WordPress book because that’s been on my list for awhile. And then, Kim at Sophisticated Dorkiness wrote about her security problems: PSA: The Story of My Hacked Blog. Between those two resources, I should be able to get something done.
  2. Bloggiesta Mini-Challenge: CHANGING YOUR RSS FEED because I set up a Feedburner feed in a previous Bloggiesta and now I need to do something else.
  3. Other current challenges
  4. Windows Live Writer
  5. Other things on my starting line list

Edited to add: Oh yeah, and I want to participate in the Bloggiesta Twitter chat because that was really fun on Friday night. In my Central US time zone, that’s at 4pm.

How is your Bloggiesta going?

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