Floods #SundaySalon — 8 Comments

  1. I have vivid childhood memories of going to see the floods or aftermath of floods on the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers when I was a child growing up in St. Louis, including on the riverfront in downtown. I wonder if there has been real change in all the years, or if there are just some flood years.

    Have a good week… mae at

  2. My dad grew up near the Mississippi River, and flooding was an expected occasional threat when he was a boy, much like hurricanes are to us here along the Texas Gulf Coast.

    I am so impressed that you have written over 90,000 words and you are nearing the end. Congratulations, Joy! You should be very proud of yourself.

  3. I just subscribed to The Physics Girl. Her channel looks interesting! That is awful to hear about her experience with COVID. I am still someone who is very wary of it.

    It’s always crazy to me to see areas get covered by water like that. We live near the Detroit River and there are years where it comes up higher and it is crazy.

  4. Fantastic you have so much done on your manuscript! That’s dedication.
    I read about the floods but had no idea you were near that area. That is crazy to see trees floating donw the river!

  5. That must’ve been something, comparing one Friday picnic at the river to the next!

    I did jump over and read your full review on Patrick Stewart’s book and it is definitely on my TBR! I scrolled through his IMDB entry and the only things I’ve ever seen him in is North & South and that one episode of Frasier.

    • I run a weekly link party called British Isles Friday — but it’s because I enjoy British media as an outsider. An easy mistake to make!

  6. Oh no both rivers are flooding? How awful. Too much rain or what? Congrats on nearing the end to your writing. That’s terrific! Way to go. Keep it going.

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